Our Vision / Mission

We understand that life can be difficult to live everyday, with that in mind we want to keep our vision and mission simple. Please read the following if you are interested in understanding the heart and pulse of Central Baptist Church. You will see how three words permeate everything we do.


Since He is God in the flesh; all that He says and does has authority over anyone or anything else. When we enter a submissive relationship with Him, our obedience to Him is not a demanding legalistic requirement but rather a natural byproduct of that new Lord to servant relationship.


Because Jesus loves people and demonstrated close, genuine relationships with others as a true Christian we will naturally do the same. What makes the church is when Jesus' followers build relationships together and form tight faithful bonds, and begin producing spiritual "fruit" in their lives.


Specifically, God's Kingdom is His when He completely rules and reigns. Jesus often talks about this. Therefore anyone or anything that submits to His perfect plan falls into the territory of His Kingdom. When we listen and obey Him its called Kingdom living. The picture is serving the poor, loving those who are hurting, sharing our faith, sharpening our faith, giving of our time and finances to Kingdom efforts, etc (A Good reference is Matthew 5 and 6).



To see families and individuals make a genuine connection with Jesus Christ, form quality relationships with each other, and live a life of obedience to Jesus.


Listen to Jesus (JESUS), obey Jesus (KINGDOM LIVING), and form healthy biblical relationship with others (COMMUNITY)

Listen to Jesus

-He speaks to us through the written bible, and the teaching/preaching of it.
-He speaks to us through prayer
-He speaks to us through life circumstance and situations

Obey Jesus

-Good examples of what to obey are His teachings in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5 and 6.
-Other good examples are things that He says to us (inaudibly) by combining the bible, prayer, and life situations.


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